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Winter Cutout People

Entourage for your winter scenes – here you go!

Winter People Cutout Collection

Cutout People: Are you prepared for winter? These cutout people should at least help you with your illustrations and archviz stuff..

Multilight Cutout People

the next stage for maximum flexibility ….

Multlight Cutouts

Remember our cutout collections ? Since they were quite popular, we added another dimension: An interactive lightmixer!

Flower Cutouts Giveaway

Stylish flower arrangements for interior visualisations

Flower Cutout Giveaway

Texture Collection:
Isn’t that romantic? Flowers for you … with love from us!

10 free cutout trees from Tony Textures

Tonytextures shares a High Quality Set of Cutout Trees! Get them here!

cutout people – office and interaction

Bitmap collection:
Need to put some life into your office-scene? These folks are at work

cutout people – high above

Texture Pack:
We just can’t stop doing them! This set should help you to have some peoples for views from high above!

cutout people – greenscreen sitting

Want to enliven your coffee scene?…basically anything where a lot of people would be sitting? Then this pack might come in handy!

cutout people – greenscreen from below

Texture Pack:
People from below for higher levels like balconies, roof terraces and stuff.

cutout people – greenscreen volume 3

Texture Pack:
The third and final collection from our summer shooting last year.

cutout people – greenscreen volume 2

Texture Collection:
Even MORE cutout people …

cutout people – greenscreen volume 1

Texture Collection:
Need more cutout people for your Visuals? Come and get them.

cutout – people collection

Texture Set:
Set of 20 HiRes People for your ArchVizPhotoEditing.

3d-people model set

3d people collection:
Our cutouts got a third dimension! Check out this set of 3d-guys that you can drop straight into your 3d-scene