cutout people – greenscreen volume 1

Tons of people have downloaded our first cutout collection and we are happy to have provided something apparently quite valuable to the community. So here’s another package , based on our first greenscreen experiences gathered last summer.

We asked ourselves, how we could do something similar to our first cutouts and reduce the workload to mask them. So we purchased that dirt-cheap greenscreen wall and packed up the “production-van” (yeah!). Boldly leaving our workstations we moved out into the exterior world! After spending the afternoon in a refreshing Spree-riverside-breeze we came back with a couple of hundred photos of the most attractive 3d-artists around.


Keying out the green matter went pretty well in Fusion using Primatte, but putting together the layered tiffs in Photoshop was kind of obnoxious. Seriously, why doesn’t somebody rewrite this software properly? And we learned: Don’t wear white shoes, if you want to key someone. No kidding, Steve still had to refine the masks pic by pic, so we should thank him for putting up with this fascinating task.

Our “3d-models” (literally ;-)) featured might not be first choice, ok; but then again everybody of our team is alright, with these pics being used by other artists on this planet. As long as you do not intend to use them in some weird content, if you know what I mean.  Better read the disclaimer if you are not sure … (u sick puppy).

Extra credits go to Daniel Linder from imagonauten for support.

Would somebody mind rigging this guy, so he can finally get busy?




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