3d-people model set

Doing 2d-cutout people for 3 years now, we felt driven to take this to another level. Hence we are happy to finally share this batch of 3d-people, we did in our studio.

Beforehand these guys are far from perfect. In fact there is still a lot of improvement possible. But we decided to wrap it up and put it online for now, since we thought for an average arch-viz they might possibly do the job. Obviously you could still endlessly push this project further and refine shaders, models, uvs and whatever. But we don’t :). So like it or leave it!

Still if you are interested in the process, go to this thread and read about our making-of.

We prepared the scene for 3ds Studio Max 2010 and Vray, as we normally do. We tried to use the maps to create some useable skin shader and added some minor falloff to improve the look of the cloth.

Additionally the heads are separately done. So you can easily swap heads and bodies and create your very unique xoio-crew.

Here are some renders showing the bunch in different lighting conditions. Skinshaders have the tendency to react sometimes a little unexpected, but it seems to work quite ok in interior as well as in exteriors.


Some old exterior .. the guys being lost in the middle of nowhere


A quick testrun with our people in an interior scene. It’s interesting how they instantly tell a story .. but what is it?

Credits obviously go to all our guys who willingly lent their heads to do this set of 3d-people. Thank you guys!


That’s the model, that’s what you get.


We tried to restrain ourselves to built the shaders as simple as possible. The diffuse material and the blendmask are included

Edit: Our friend Hannes Janetzko came up with a special request for Terragen Users, who require a specific TGO-fileformat. We don’t use Terragen, but why not? Please find a separate download link on the right side here! Credits go to Hannes.

Some Preview out of Terragen … us being lost somewhere else :) by H. Janetzko




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