Object-ID script: “scene exporter”

Alex wrote this brilliant script called “scene exporter” . The name is not too catchy and in my opinion it’s not really describing what it does … guess he spent too much time coding back then :).

Anyhow, apart from that I think, it’s great! It really makes assigning Object-IDs very easy – a task that can become really tedious. But they are just great  in your postwork. And that’s where this script comes in really handy!

So how does it work?

Well, first run the script (drag the MS-File into your 3ds-Max viewport, if your not too familiar with scripts).

Just mark the objects you want to assign and hit the corresponding number. When you are done, there is some quick option to double-check it visually. That was easy,wasn’t it?

The additional tools are useful for all you Vray-Users out there: With a one click solution you can set up a nice set of Render Elements and have the IDs assigned to the corresponding MultiMatte-Elements, depending on how many Object-IDs you have used.

Finally enjoy all the nice color-masks in your post to tweak your visuals.

Good job, Alex and thank you for that!


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