particle scenes by Anselm von Seherr-Thoss

Anselm put together some particle scenes that were requested from the 3d community for quite a while. Most of these work with Vanilla Max, no extra plugins required. No secrets left, these assets are all open to study, scrutinize and adapt to your needs. Cheers to you, Anselm!


1. The Morpher features a scripted PFlow-Event that enables you to Morph you Particles from one shape to the other. I am sure that there are tons of uses for a template like this.













2. With the Debris Collection you have a set of objects right at hand that should well suit your need if you want some stuff to fill your explosions.














3. Personally I am quite amazed how simple a setup like this one really is. Get some gras growing based on any greyscale map you want to generate.














4. The 8Bit Stylizer requires the P-Flow Toolbox 2 and 3. According to Anselm that is something any serious Particle Artist should look into anyhow (I wouldn’t know, but felt tempted to spend some cash on these).  Anyhow, the result looks great to me!




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