cutout – people collection

Last summer we published this little collection of cutout-people we did a little while ago. The response was huge and we are truly honoured to have provided something other artists really appreciate. So we decided to repost it on xoio-air. It is completely free and from our standpoint you can use it for any private and commercial use. 

The whole idea came up, when we thought how an improved database could be organised, considering the direction of the light, shadow and mostly ease of use. Maybe it got all too complicated … hm … anyhow, we don’t pursue the idea any further, so you can have the batch for free. Shadow-Templates are included, so you save time later when editing your visuals.

Please read the disclaimer before using.  Feedback is greatly appreciated!


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  • Pablo A.Martín
    Great! Thank you very much.
  • Volden
    Sehr gute seite! Danke!
  • Anna
    Vielen, vielen Dank!!!!
  • gaillaguet
    Many thanks for this clean imagery, and for your generosity.
  • moeid
    so thanks for all free cutout people.moeid from iran
  • Raffael Verissimo
    Thank you so much
  • siti
    You all are just amazing. Heaps of thanks.
  • richa
    thank you so much...
  • françois
    Best idea ever!
  • Ian
    Thankyou so much for these, you guys have saved me so much time on my Masters project and improved the quality of the renders immeasurably
  • Rebeca Novoa
    This is great!! Very well done. I'm so gratefull, it save me a lot of work!!
  • arnaud
    Thank you so much !!
  • magagicre
    Hi guys! Thank you very much, these are great, I know your cutouts trough a friend of mine. Now I have downloaded them for my own but I can't seem to decompress them, I am trying with "pea zip" but it keeps saying that "the archive is not readeble" and that if I would like to input a password, please help...
    • peter.stulz
      Hi, just 7zip for example. That should work, no?
  • Brendan Holbeach
    Danke!! You guys are great! Thanks for these and the other sets, keep them coming.
  • sebastian
    Thank very mush.. good.¡¡¡
  • magagicre
    Thank a lot peter.stulz! Looks like the problem happened when downloading, finally I can use them.. thanks to all the staff
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  • nathan
    Thanks for the great visuals
  • Tong.Y
    Thank you so much
  • Raines Tsui
    Thank you !!
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