HDRI-Lighting – tweaking to get sharp shadows and more …

HDR- or HDRI-Lighting (meaning “High-Dynamic-Range”) has been around for years to create rich and nuanced lights for your 3d-illustrations. But sometimes these skydomes just don’t deliver what you expect: diffuse shadows, nasty background elements or colors, that look weird. And since they are 32Bit floating point images, tweaking them is not straightforward.

This tutorial helps you to improve your HDRI-Lighting skydomes in photoshop, so you get crisp shadows and colors that you can control. Since most of the work happens in photoshop (or Affinity if you prefer) the HDR should work for any renderers like Vray, Corona, Cycles, Arnold, Redshift, Octane and many others.

Hope this proofs to be useful!



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