cutout people – greenscreen volume 3

So, this is the final installment of our greenscreen folks. It’s all happy sunshine stuff, just what 90% of architectural customers want to go for anyway.

The guys are the same as before, we know. But the light angle is different from the previous packs, so I guess now most possible lighting situations should be covered for the Postproduction of your architectural visuals.

Of course they all come in a layered tiff that supports alpha. Additionally they do have our own little sun-direction-badge to help finding the right light situation fitting your visual. And that is about what needs to be said.

Hope you like them again,

Take care,


P.S.: For all of you who have problems with the Alpha:

We got  a few comments that people are missing the alpha.Guys, it is there! Seriously! Your software needs to support layered tiffs as photoshop does. We chose the Tif-Format because it has a nice compression.



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