cutout people – greenscreen from below

You probably know the case: You are doing this image from streetlevel showing a building design your customer came up with. But at the very end you spoil the image with people that just don’t fit into the perspective. Well, probably they have been shot from eyelevel, that’s why! Let us help you here …

That’s what this freebie-package is all about: guys from below. Perfect to be placed on higher levels like balconies, roof terraces, mountains and low flying spaceships.

I must admit I like that heroic touch these images have looking from below … So, guess now what we have in stock next ?

And on a personal note of things, this photo-session was again the perfect occasion to get away from our routine. Starting with a proper german breakfast (whatever this is supposed to be) we gathered at my place, found a decent perspective and set up our amateur-catwalk. Everybody brought a set of clothes to bring in some variation and off we went!

Hope you like this and find it useful for your visuals.



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