tree model + seasonal leaves

tree model + seasonal leaves

Berlin, den 12.11.2012

After planning giving away a tree-model for quite some time we got very inspired by the trees that are getting yellow in front of our office's windows now that it is becomming autumn to throw some different leaf-shaders into the mix. So here comes a tree-modell together with textures and vray-shader settings for each season - spring, summer, autumn, winter.               There has been a discussion on Ronen Bekerman's forum about creating foliage which lead to some experiments and re-thinking how we would create leaves, so you might also be interested to take a read - it is very good and helpful to see different approaches getting convincing-looking leaves. http://www.ronenbekerman.com/forums/landscape-vegetation/2641-realistic-foliage.html      
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  • diego

    Can you put it in 3DS or OBJ or something more “open”? Even my 3DSMAX 2010 can not open it. I guess because these three may be 2012.

    • peter.stulz

      Good point. We actually do this normally, will take care of it!

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  • Bobby Stahr

    Did this ever get converted to .obj? If so can I get link, and if not can I request it…please.

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