Urban Backplate Collection by Dirk Kipper

Now check this out:

Our friend Dirk Kipper gets around a lot: He is working as a flight attendant. So he has a lot of opportunities to take great pictures of this wonderful planet. Finally he loves doing 3d and has been into it for quite some time.

Now …  if you throw all of this into the mix you get some beautiful background plates of some of the most amazing plazes around! Get them here!

Now the images we provide are pretty HiRes stuff and literally feature 10 international urban places for your choice. I especially fancy the Walldorf Skyline to round up the mix of global megacities :). Most of them should be put on some bent backplate for proper integration into your 3d scene. They should be suitable for various CGI-sceneries. Personally we used one of his photos to get a nice skyline for a roof-terrace in some high-rise architectural visualization.

They are all free for non-commercial use. If you would like to use them commercially, I know that Dirk is somebody you can talk to about fair deals; just drop him a line.

Have a look around on his website, it is a colorful mix of personal stuff. It is obvious that he loves all sides of this universe and embraces it with the full positive spirit of a true Christian. If you want to learn more about Dirk and his background, he put a little bio into the package for you (Sorry, german only).


Here is his personal page: Dirk Kipper


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