water droplet – texture sequence

German winters rather tend to be moist then white these days. That’s probably why we felt compelled to create this texture sequence of rain drops.  Just drop it in any bump-channel of  your 3d /2.5d application of choice.

I guess for any 3d-artist – especially doing visuals for architects – there comes the point where you are just tired of these typical daylight-system visuals. So if you want to put some dramatic weather into your animation this might come in handy.

As a special feature the textures are tilable … in space AND time! The loop repeates over 125 frames, which should be enough for 4-5 seconds. For your convenience we lay open the  After-Effects Composition which lays the base for this sequence. Adjust the particle emitter  if you need more heavy rain to your liking. The short GIF-animation gives some impression, the loop is longer in fact. Should be  soothing to watch the loop for a couple of hours, I guess …




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