3d scanned people – improved version

3d-people have become quite common meanwhile – additionally it is getting quite possible to scan themself in acceptable quality by now. In best tradition we provide another set of our crew – hopefully better than the last one :).


It’s a long journey through the uncanny valley. About 2 years back we issued a set of 3d-people on xoio-air – pretty spookey fellows if you ask me. Meanwhile we have moved a little further in the process of 3d-scanning and alternatively decided to work with this device called the “structure sensor”– allowing us a completely new approach to 3d-scanning.
The device scans the whole 3d-body in one continuous go. A big gamechanger is the fact that it is much more forgiving to little faults, so we are having less wrecked scans.
Please notice, they are still a far cry from the high quality commercial products. For us this is ok, since our main goal was to do this with minor effort for medium range and not spend ages on cleaning o ut our results by hand.

Anyhow, here is another bunch of our crew.

We are happy to share them all for free. They are in fact already used in our images and do a proper job for medium range shots – they’re useable.
Hope you find this collection usefull and enjoy what you see!
Best regards, team xoio


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