road surfaces – texture pack volume 2

Here is another set of free HiRes textures for your 3d. You may have downloaded the first set, that we posted 2 months ago. This second set  is again all free, all seamless and come with some additional Bump-Maps. So it’s all there;  hope it proves useful for your visuals! 


We used again this ridiculous low-tech rod to take these distortion free textures of Berlin roads; miraculously the camera survived. Some of the images were done in Berlin-Gatow, a real must for aviation freaks … and tarmac lovers of course.

Since we killed the texture-fishing-rod after that excursion we share some unusual perspectives you can gain from a 5 meter long photo-arm to take pictures. It’s funny, how an odd angle instantly gives you that  toylike look …

Take care!






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  • TW
    Thanks very much, I am sure they will come in use!
  • Marvey
    thank you for this amazing textures
  • Bpositive
    Thanks a lot, great job
  • Tammo
    All your textures sets are great, i already used the first set on a project. Thanks for making and sharing these!
  • Luigy
    Thank you so much for everything on this site! Just what I've been looking for :)
  • Martin
    Wow, this great ! Thank you very much :)
  • aga
    thanks so much! this is a must for us automotive guys
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  • Arman
    You are great guys. Thank you for sharing these resources.
  • peter
    great generous to share these resources! keep it up.
  • Chris
    Thank You so much
  • frank
    Thank's a lot
  • dharmik kikani
    thank you for sharing Road texture.
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