grow FX – basics and advanced workflow hints

Every man should plant a tree once in his life. Now you don’t even need to leave your desk, if you don’t mind to get familiar with Grow-FX. We took the time to get behind all the little buttons that make 3d-foliage grow and are willing to share some of our discoveries here.

First: Grow-FX gets the job done. It has a lot of adjustments, which doesn’t make it nominé for the intuition award. But it is definitely worth spending the time, if you want to build  highpoly trees on your own. As far as we know there are few-to-none good tutorials out there, that’s why we wrote a short introduction and a couple of workflow-hints for HiPoly-Trees. Because there is nothing like a neat HighPoly tree in your visual.

This tutorial has been nominated among the 12 favorite articles on Ronen Bekerman’s Blog 2011, thanks for that!

Read the tutorial online exclusively on Ronen Bekerman’s blog.

Happy Gardening and there it is!


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