kitchen accessories – model kit

While doing interior visualizations the architectural geometry is quickly done. So having some good accessories at hand breathes life into your pictures. This set of 3d-models of kitchen accessories for 3ds-Max should help!

Most of you probably know Muji, right? It’s quite a hype here, Berlin has one as well,  I think. All of their products are kind of the same color-range and have a japanese flair and sensuality. So that was the inspiration for this set of objects.

Credits go mostly to Katrin and Gregor for this set of models. Hope you like it, all models are Max 2010, shaded in Vray. For users of Maya, Blender, Softimage, etc. we threw in a OBJ to help you out.

And again we are always happy to see some images or animations where our stuff has been used!




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