cutout people – greenscreen sitting

Want to enliven your coffee scene? or some office space? library?

… ok,  basically anything where a lot of people would be sitting? Then this pack might come in handy!

Another collection of cutouts. We did quite some packages already, but this one is another special: We registered a lack of sitting people for our purposes a lot, so we did a quick shoot of us in sitting position.


Again, it’s open for all kind of private and commercial use, as long as you don’t do any weird stuff with it. I know, it’s the same faces again. But like this, nobody needs to worry about proprietary rights here.

Otherwise it’s all the same, the images come as layered tiffs and with our neat little badge which gives some info about the light.

We hope you find this usefull again,

Thank you sincerely,





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  • Vizcon

    Thanks again for those free cutouts!

  • JM EMY

    Thanks a lot!

  • dave

    Thanks for these! you guys rock.

  • fred

    great. quality is impeccable as usual. thanks a lot

  • Pingback

    Thanks for sharing ! I wrote an article about your packs on my french blog.

  • Krzysztof Czerwinski

    Thank You so much for Your hard work for our community!

  • niko

    thanks a lot for sharing !!!!

  • mlon

    excellent, recently found your site, great content!
    keep up the good work! :)

  • Rousse

    thanks a lot for sharing !

    • peter.stulz

      Thanks, Marie! We appreciate your feedback!

  • leslie

    Thank you

  • minouch

    Wow! Real thanks for all of your incredibly hard work, you really saved my back when I was doing my school project :)

  • Najib

    Thank you sooo much….ger8

  • Refka Gusnadi

    Very Nice.. thanks for sharing..

  • Sarah Roark

    This is wonderful! Thank you so much for creating and sharing these so generously. Going to share out your name far and wide. :-)

  • Hobstail

    Thank you so much for this generous and wonderful work. You allowed me to save a couple of hours for my final project of architecture school ! Thanks again :)

    • peter.stulz

      Very welcome :) !

  • Lara

    Great! Thank you so much for all these cutouts!! You’re the best! ;)

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  • Anastassiya

    Thank you!!!
    It’s cool site!!!

  • vienphan


  • Zhao Liankui

    Thank You !!

  • cielo

    Hi, i wanna know how to cutout the pic with Photopaint. Can someone help me? thanks

  • roso

    Thank you very much !!

  • Sade The Trainer

    Thank you so much! These are awesome!

  • Sade The Trainer

    Thank you so much! These are awesome!

  • Hangsung

    Thanks a lot!!

  • JohnD

    Excellent entourage cutouts! Thank you for sharing!

  • serkan

    this is above generosity. hanks alot

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  • gonzo

    muchas gracias

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