slicemodeller – script V1.0

Take a look at our little script, which Lasse wrote earlier that year. It’s supposed to simplify the modelling of 100% planar-cut bodies; something that can be quite annoying to do quickly in 3ds-Max. Just imagine cutting up a chunks of chocolate, butter (or other food, you name it).

There are tons of applications where this tool might come in handy: inclined roofscapes, freeform concrete structures, crystals, technical / military things, … Up to you, basically anywhere you need planar, clean cuts.

It builds a modifier stack, that can be easily adapted. If you need to link one sliceplane for animation purposes, no problem.

We recorded a quick video demonstration, a while back … sorry for the low resolution:

Furtheron there are two sample shaders to bring out that nice edgy look. Download the whole package here!

Tell us, what you think!


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  • nate
    Nice script, thanks! What material are you using for the wear on the edges in the large image above? Is it something dynamic?
    • peter.stulz
      You can use a Vray-Edge Texture or use a Vray-Dirt map to higlight edges for this purpose. Then put a noise of some kind in the highlighted color-slot. The sample scene should show that (you need vray, though.). Cheers, x
  • Alex
    That comes really handy! I saw a guy modelling a crystal and he took the long way! This definitely makes things easier. Thanks a bunch!
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