bark texture set

Here is a set of 9 different bark textures for CGI purposes. These seamless texures are at a pretty fine resolution and come with a normal map and some bump- / displacement-map along.

What is it about:

I guess we all know these recurring, heavily tiling 3d-barks in architectural visualisations, so we decided to do something about this. All images have been made seamless and flattened based on handmade photo-reference, special credits go to Katrin again for doing this for us!


Additionally you should find a  simple scene that was used to do the title image. It should work in Max 2010 upwards, and is set up in Vray 2.1. It has 2 bark materials, one is done with displacement and the other with normal mapping. Whichever fits better in your case. And of course you are free to use them in your renderings and visuals!

I guess that’s it!

Spring-greetings from Berlin, team xoio


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  • steven


  • Justin Traylor

    Thanks a lot!

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  • Volden

    Thank you guys! Very helpful stuff, very interesting site

  • Carlos

    Thanks amillion. Thanks to people like you things are made much easier to us + we learn a lot.

  • arter


  • Fzli

    many thanks! can i use it for commercial?

    • peter.stulz

      Absolutely, it’s all done inhouse, so go ahead.

  • Lorenzo

    YOU ARE GREAT! thank you for your job. KEEP ON!

  • ganesha

    superb … ur great !!!

  • Nik Fenning

    Fantastic just what I need for dryad models with octane render and Nvidia 6000

  • Bogey

    Thanks alot! this looks amaze…

  • Bojan

    Many thanks!

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