video tutorials by Anselm von Seherr-Thoss

Anselm did a whole set of beautiful tutorials for all kind of particle stuff, that we would love to link up to. Since he posts indeed a lot of stuff, we took  a selection of the most useful tutorials he did featuring several hours of indepth material.


1. The first one probably gives you a full walkthrough in generating a proper explosion with fumeFX. I guess you can transfer a lot of aspects to PhoenixFD as far as I can see.

FumeFX Explosion Basics pt.1


FumeFX Explosion Basics pt.2

Max2010 Source Files: Source Files

Check Jamie’s blog here: Jamie’S Blog



2. Here Anselm is showing you how you can use Particle Flow to do some scattering of  instances and use VrayProxies later to have nice HiPolyTrees for your exterior 3d-sceneries.

 Evermotion ParticleFlow TreeProxies



3. This tutorial should cover how to do nice water droplets on any surface using Particle Flow.

ParticleFlow For Packshots


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  • hamid
    could you please make high quality of this water drops Pflow tutorial available for download please? thanks a lot
    • peter.stulz
      Hey Hamid! I am very sorry - it's a very old post and the video was provided to us by Anselm - no chance ;). New videos are in HD. Take care, Peter
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