gravel map pack

gravel map pack

Berlin, den 01.10.2011

Some might know this Texture-Set from our xoio-blog. We had a lot of positive response, so we decided to repost it here. Please feel free, to download this Gravel-Texture-Set, we created a little while ago for a set of exteriors. It has proven to be perfect for all kind of driveways without generating tons of instanced geometry. The whole set is seamless, contains an exemplary diffuse map, displacement map  and an Ambient-Occlusion Pass. Please find included a Max 2011-File including a Vray-Shader-Tree. Check out the Slate-Tab. Enjoy!

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  • mamras

    Very helpful. Thanks.

  • Brian Cook

    Great resource! Many thanks!

  • Evan Michalski

    First off, I love the material and it’s uses. The only question I have since I’m still learning V-Ray, is there any tutorial you can show me how you set up the material, because I noticed you have the displacement and gradient ramp set up separately from the main gravel material itself. Sorry if this sounds confusing, but it would mean a lot if I could figure this out thanks..

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