product feature: V-Ray pattern - grass asset

product feature: V-Ray pattern – grass asset

Berlin, den 08.01.2013

If you decide to give VrayPattern a shot, we have some basic stuff to get yougoing. Here is a patch of grass that we did a while ago that is perfectly suited to be used within VP. Opposed to other Mass-scattering engines Vray-Pattern works best with rectangular patches since it is based on UV-coordinates. Therefor here is something rather "square"! To give you the best opportunity to explore the setup we included a complete sample scene along. It's sonething simple, but it also includes some settings concerning the randomization function you might like, The scene is saved in Max 2010 and Vray 2.0 . That's it! Happy gardening ... btw, you should be able to render the testscene with the demo alright ... Team xoio .
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  • Juan

    Great!! thank you!! will use :) im replacing vraydisplacement for vp, so far so good.

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