road surfaces - texture pack volume 1

road surfaces – texture pack volume 1

Berlin, den 27.02.2012

Here we publish this first set of free road textures, mainly for use in 3d CGI work.  They are all seamless, come with a handy little catalogue for browsing and have some supplementary bump-maps along. A second set is in preparation and should come up soon. What more's to be said? This set happened while trying to get nice high-res textures that have little distortion for our architectural 3d-visuals. To get the right distance for ground textures, we built this beautiful fishing rod - a real high-tech piece of equipment. In the end we found out, we could have done it way more simple and could have skipped most pieces ... but it still was worth the fun. Find some WIP pictures below. To be honest, they are  fake - as you can see, the camera is missing. But we needed the camera to take the pictures, so  ... you get the idea! And it's all proper Berlin Kreuzberg quality tarmac in the vicinity of our studio.   Supplementary maps were done in a little programm called Shader Map. It does an alright job with a one-click solution; check it out.  It is a  reasonably priced piece of software worth every cent. These guys certainly deserve some solid credits, so buy it if you like it. Here's the link : Shader Map Home Page. I honestly don't know what the Specular-Map-Output is supposed to do, but maybe you find some use for it.    
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