Mike Monteiro - F* you, pay me.

Mike Monteiro – F* you, pay me.

Berlin, den 05.03.2012

You can have all kinds of 3d- and 2d-tools, but it's all good for nothing, if you have a hard time with your clients. That's why we give you something different today: A good link of solid advice, that is maybe more valuable than any 3d/2d freebie you normally find here.  I know, it is not what you would normally expect to come up here on xoio-air. But in fact all the fancy colorful stuff gets quite unimportant, if you constantly feel ripped off by your clients. And I just know that our 3d-colleagues doing visuals all over the world rather have a weak spot here. So here it's what this is about: Mike Monteiro, a somewhat veteran in the creative business in the San Francisco bay area tells you in a very illustrative way how he sets up his client relations. Despite the rather rough title, he's not being disrespectful. In fact he points out the value of good clients, but he makes clear where you definitely shouldn't back down, when being contracted -  he also brought his lawyer. It's funny and it's very straight. Take the time and watch it on vimeo: F.u. , Pay me ... P.S.: Thank you Jussi and Lasse for showing me this link!
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  • Pablo A.Martín

    Maybe more valuable? It’s a lot more valuable! Thank you for sharing

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