leaf texture collection

leaf texture collection

Berlin, den 06.02.2012

This set of leaves compromises a set of various leaf textures, we photographed last year. The package includes the matching alpha-maps, some bump and a practical little catalogue for browsing to make them as useable for any 3d scenes as possible. Hope you can make use of it!
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  • nhat


  • Csakegy

    Like other readers I also do not need these ttexure at this moment but I have added them in my collection.I highly appreciate as you shared your work with us.I am new to this blog but after 2-3 post I ended up bookmarking it and Definately going to become part of your reader group keep good work up:)

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  • Volden

    Thank you for your work. I`m your follower now )

  • Telmo

    Im glad to find this space, thank you :D

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