modelling joints ... just better!

modelling joints … just better!

Berlin, den 02.10.2011

That's how we do in our studio intersections, caps and further round stuff in 3d. No magic, pure essentials actually. But it's our way to get clean, hassle-free geometry that renders nicely. The tutorials requires some basic poly-modelling skills and should be easily applicable to most poly-modelling tools. The software used is 3d Studio Max 2012, but can be applied to any earlier Max-Version or other 3d application. Hope you like!
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  • ma

    thanks for sharing that technique, I’m just an amateur in 3d modelling but I am trying to learn and those tips were really helpful – I probably would have done it the way you showed first! thanks again for sharing

  • roreaver

    Your tuto is great thanks but is it possible to get two tube but with different diametre?

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